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Research is starting to show that self-regulation is important for school and life success. What is self-regulation? (external PDF)

Self-regulation skills develop gradually throughout the lifespan and parents play a huge role in helping their children build them.

Here are some examples of how you can help your child develop the skills of self-regulation:

  • Ensure your child has enough physical activity, sleep and healthy food.
  • Help your child learn to express emotions (external link) through the use of words.
  • Play games and activities that help strengthen thinking skills like painting and card games.
  • Teach your child about communication skills such as tone of voice, facial expressions and the importance of listening.
  • Give your child opportunities to develop the skill of empathy by pointing out examples in stories or in real life situations.

“There is never an age at which it’s too late to work on self-regulation with your child; and never an age at which you can stop working on these goals.”
Dr. Stuart Shanker