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Parents Make a Difference in Schools

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Use these short articles in your school newsletters throughout the school year.

Parent engagement in school activities can foster a sense of community within the school.

Research shows that parent engagement is directly linked to many benefits for children including:

  • Better behaviour
  • Improved social skills
  • Staying in school longer
  • Better academic achievement

As a parent, you can impact your child(ren) and school culture by building positive relationships and understanding the responsibilities of teachers, principals, school structure, curriculum, and community issues.

Here are a few tips to becoming engaged in your child’s school:

  • Keep informed and be connected! Read about school updates and activities in the school newsletter, website or social media.
  • Get involved and be a role model! Volunteer at your child’s school, participate in school council, parent events, parent-teacher interviews, or parent coffee chats.
  • Share your voice! Give your feedback about important school issues, participate in school surveys like (Tell them From Me), and/or school parent focus groups.