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2016 Budget and Business Plan

On December 16, 2015, Regional Council approved the 2016 Budget and Business Plan (PDF file) that outlines the implementation of a number of key priorities in the Halton Region Strategic Action Plan 2015-2018. The Budget, Halton Region’s financial plan for 2016, includes strategic investments in essential areas such as affordable and assisted housing, the Halton Region Community Investment Fund and state-of-good-repair for infrastructure. Additional investments are also included to support the Burlington Waterfront Master Plan, Region-wide Basement Flooding Mitigation Strategy and Paramedic Master Plan.

The 2016 Budget and Business Plan recommends a property tax increase of 1.9% for Regional Services and an increase of 1.9% for Police Services, resulting in a combined impact to the taxpayer of a 1.9% increase.

Property Tax Impact of Regional Government Services (Per $100,000 cva)
  2015 2016 Change
  Actual Budget $ %
Regional Services $201 $205 4 1.9%
Police Services * $117 $119 2 1.9%
Total Regional Taxes ** $318 $324 6 1.9%

* Approved by Police Services Board
** Based on 1.7% assessment growth per most recent MPAC information

The approved 2016 Rate Supported Budget for water and wastewater services is a 5.0% rate increase over 2015, based on consumption growth of 0.0% and customer growth of 1.6%.

Rate Impact
(Assumes 250 m3 Annual Consumption)
  2015 2016  
  Budget Budget Change
Water & Wastewater $841 $883 $42 5.0%

Highlights in the 2016 Budget

  • Investment to begin development of a new world class, signature waterfront park in Burlington;
  • Support for various strategic investments in Paramedic Services;
  • Increased funding for new assisted housing opportunities;
  • Increased support to maintain water and wastewater infrastructure in a state-of-good-repair;
  • Funding for a new Older Adult Tax Deferral Program;
  • Investment in the Region-wide Basement Flooding and Mitigation program to help homeowners protect their property from flooding;
  • Increased funding for non-profit organizations in Halton through the Halton Region Community Investment Fund; and
  • Support for an Internship and Apprenticeship Program at Halton Region.