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Washburn Second Feedermain


Second Feedmain to the Washburn Reserviour and Booster Station
City of Burlington


Halton Region is scheduled to construct a Second Watermain Feed to the Washburn Reservoir and Booster Station in Burlington.
This Feedermain will be constructed on:

  • Prospect Street (between the Hydro One Corridor and Guelph Line),
  • Guelph Line (between Prospect Street and Mainway),
  • Mainway (between Guelph Line and the Burlington Hydro Corridor),
  • and within the Burlington Hydro Corridor (between Mainway and Heathfield Drive).

In addition, localized construction work will also occur within the Hydro One Corridor near New Street.

  • Blue lineFeedermain alignment

  • Schedule:

    Construction start date: August 8, 2017
    Construction end date: December, 2019

    Project No.



    Jacek Pawlus, Senior Project Advisor
    905-825-6000 ext. 7204