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Steeles Avenue (RR8) Widening and Reconstruction R-2320B-16

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Town of Milton


Steeles Avenue will be widened from a two-lane rural to a four-lane urban cross section from 400 metres West of Industrial to Regional Road 25 / Martin Street. The project will include:

  • Two 3.65m vehicle lanes each direction and dedicated on-street bicycle lanes
  • Left-turn lanes and right-turn lanes at intersections
  • New traffic signals at Steeles Avenue at Industrial Drive
  • New watermain and new water service connections
  • 3.0 m off-road multi-use asphalt pathways on both sides of Steeles

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  • Red lineUnder Construction

April 2017 to May 2018

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Jennifer Trimble, Project Manager
905-825-6000 x 7690

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