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Healthy Schools Halton: Sam Sherratt Public School Learning Commons

Designing a space to learn, play and be well!

Sam Sherratt P.S. School library (before) renovations.

New open-concept Learning Commons (after) renovations.

New moveable furniture in the Learning Commons.

‘Marvellous Me’ activity yoga and stretches in the Learning Commons.

In Milton’s growing school communities, connectedness is key for the wellbeing of students. At Sam Sherratt Public School, a Visioning Team made up of school administrators, school staff and a public health nurse was formed in 2014-2015 to collaborate on transforming the school library into a 21st century Learning Commons.

The new Learning Commons would connect all students not only to support inquiry-based learning, but also to promote positive wellbeing and strengthen peer relationships.

“The Learning Commons is the central hub that connects all students in the school. We needed to create a space to support education, learning, social and emotional wellbeing to foster relationships between all students. The Learning Commons will continue to develop and change as we collect student voice,”

Colleen Golightly, Vice Principal Sam Sherratt P.S.

In the last two years, the physical space slowly came together with a new open-concept look, freshly painted walls, table booths, moveable furniture and digital technology access to support group learning. Student and staff voice were also collected on how else to use the Learning Commons space, which guided a student-led asset-building and wellness initiative, ‘Marvellous Me’.

The ‘Marvellous Me’ initiative offers students with assets and skill-sets in wellness activities (i.e. Yoga stretches, mindful coloring, arts and crafts, and music) opportunities to lead a session in the Learning Commons during a nutrition break. This year, ‘Marvellous Me’ is running five days a week making wellness and fostering relationships and assets part of the day, every day!

“I like being a ‘Marvellous Me’ Leader because you show leadership to kids and get to show them new skills,”

Scarlett, Grade 6 student.

"I like ‘Marvellous Me’ because you get to interact with kids and show them responsibility to keep coming each week,”

Faith, Grade 6 student.

“Marvellous Me is good because leaders and students can join in and have fun,”

Kailey and Julia, Grade 6 students.

“I like art and I like dancing the best!”

Payton, Grade 2 student.

The Learning Common at Sam Sherratt Public School is the heart of the school community. By designing a welcoming social and physical environment, students feel connected to the larger school community with opportunities to learn, play and be well.

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