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Simply Local – Your Guide to Halton Farms

Agriculture is part of our heritage. Many Halton farms are family businesses and Halton Region is proud to support them through programs like Simply Local.

Simply Local is a Halton Region initiative that:

  • promotes our agricultural industry.
  • encourages healthy eating and physical activity.
  • creates an important connection between Halton residents and Halton farms.

Interactive Simply Local Map

Using our interactive map, you can find out where to pick your own produce, purchase garden products, and enjoy recreational activities across the region.

Why buy local?

  • Local fruit and vegetables are healthy choices and taste great because they retain valuable nutrients and flavours.
  • Buying products close to home is good for the environment, since we use less energy for transportation, refrigeration, processing and packaging.
  • Picking your own fruit and vegetables and participating in other farm activities are great exercise.
  • Buying from local farms supports the local economy, helps keep farms in business, and also creates local jobs.
  • Connect to the people who produce the food you eat, grow plants for your garden and offer entertaining ways that you, your family and your friends can be active together.
  • Farms and farmers' markets are vibrant, lively places to socialize and learn about the importance of agriculture. Visit Foodland Ontario's Fruit and Vegtable Availability Guide (external link) to see when Ontario fruits and vegetables are in season.


Halton Region collaborated with Sustain Ontario (external link), Powerline Films and 16 other partner organizations in the production of the 2012-2013 Growing Good Food Ideas (external link) video series. The videos shine a light on good food ideas from many regions of our province.

Halton's 2 videos in the series explore sustainability and the benefits of local food in the region.

Agricultural Sustainability for the Future

Local Agriculture in the GTA

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