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Halton Developers Liaison Committee


The purpose of the Committee is to provide a structured committee forum, consisting of Halton Developers and staff, to discuss generic development issues of mutual concern and to consider/suggest possible solutions. The general intent is to improve consultation, communication, trust and customer service. The Liaison Committee is not an Advisory Committee of Regional Council.


The Committee will be Chaired by the Region of Halton Director of Planning and Transportation Services and, in the Director's absence, the Manager of Current Planning. The Committee will comprise a total of not more than 20 members, 10 of which will be developers who conduct business in Halton. 8 members shall consist of designated staff representatives from Halton Region and 1 member shall be the Regional Chair and 1 member shall be a Member of Regional Council. Meetings are organized on a quarterly basis.

Council Membership


Curt Benson, Director of Planning Services and Chief Planning Official
Tel: 905-825-6000 Ext. 7181
Toll Free: 1-866-4HALTON (1-866-442-5866) Ext. 7181