Downspout Disconnection Subsidy

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In the event of heavy rainfall, downspouts that are connected to the Region's sanity sewer system (in the ground) can increase the risk of basement flooding.

What are downspouts?

Downspouts are the pipes connected to your eavestroughs that collect water from your roof and directs it to the ground or to a drain below ground.

Difference between a connected and disconnect downspout

Connected downspout

A downspout that is attached to your house and enters into the ground.

Disconnected downspout

A downspout that is attached to your house and discharges to the lawn or other permeable surfaces at a suitable distance away from the outside wall.

Why should I disconnect my downspouts?

Disconnecting downspouts can significantly reduce the amount of rainwater that gets into the sewer system, which will reduce the risk of sewer backup and basement flooding.

What financial support will Halton Region provide?

Halton will cover 100% of the eligible costs to disconnect your downspouts from the sanitary sewer system, up to a maximum of $500.

Apply for the weeping tile disconnection & sump pump installations subsidy

  1. Download the Enhanced Basement Flooding Prevention Subsidy application, or pick one up at the Halton Regional Centre.
  2. Hire a contractor, or conduct the work yourself.
  3. Take before and after photographs and complete the sketch found on page 4 of the application form.
  4. Submit a completed application and include the required documentation as outlined in the application form.
    • Scan and email to
    • Drop off in person at the Halton Regional Centre, 1151 Bronte Road, Oakville.
    • Submit by mail to:
      The Regional Municipality of Halton 
      Public Works, Wastewater Services 
      c/o Systems & Outreach Administrator 
      Woodlands Operation Centre 
      1179 Bronte Road, Oakville ON, L6M 4G3