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2017 Budget and Business Plan

Ensuring value for taxpayer dollars and protecting Halton’s strong long-term financial position are the focus as we prepare our annual budget. Our goal is to deliver a budget that will keep taxes at or below the rate of inflation while maintaining our AAA credit rating and financial sustainability.

On December 14, 2016, Regional Council approved the 2017 Budget and Business Plan (PDF file) that outlines the implementation of key priorities in the Halton Region Strategic Action Plan 2015-2018. The 2017 Budget maintains service levels in the community while making strategic investments and keeping the tax rate increase for Regional services within the rate of inflation.

The 2017 Budget includes a 1.9 per cent increase in property taxes for Regional services and programs, and a 5.1 per cent increase in the water and wastewater rate.

Property Tax Impact of Regional Government Services (Per $100,000 CVA)**
  2016 2017 Change
  Actual Budget $ %
Regional Services $197 $200 4 1.9%
Police Services * $114 $116 2 2.0%
Total Regional Taxes $310 $316 6 1.9%

Schedule may not balance due to rounding.
* Approved by Police Services Board
** Based on projected 1.7% assessment growth


Rate Impact
(Assumes 250 m3 annual consumption)
  2016 2017  
  Budget Budget Change
Water & Wastewater $883 $929 $45 5.1%

Highlights in the 2017 Budget

  • Increased funding for Paramedic Service resources for the new East Milton station as part of the Paramedic Services Master Plan implementation;
  • Funding to implement new governance arrangements with the Oakville Seniors Citizen’s Residence;
  • Increased funding for non-profit organizations in Halton through the Halton Region Community Investment Fund;
  • Additional funding for the Waterfront Master Plans implementation;
  • Increased funding to provide housing subsidies for survivors of domestic violence, help prevent homelessness, and provide more assisted housing stock and rental assistance in Halton Region;
  • Adjustments to rate revenue and structure to ensure financial sustainability for investments and to promote fairness in revenue collection and water conservation; and
  • Funding for a Long-term Water Meter Strategy to accelerate water meter replacement to ensure more accurate water bills and to develop a strategy to support radio frequency reading technology in the future.