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Proposed CN truck-rail project

The latest: Halton Municipalities have taken legal action to confirm regulatory role on the proposed truck-rail project

CN rail has proposed to build a 400 acre truck-rail hub in the Town of Milton. CN has claimed that municipal and provincial regulations do not apply. Halton Municipalities reject that view.

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  • On February 21, 2018 we took legal action to confirm our regulatory role in this major truck-rail project proposed by CN.
  • We are acting now to ensure that resident interests are protected and the vision for the community is represented.
  • If CN’s position was accepted it would mean that CN, a for-profit company, would be self-regulating in areas that should be regulated by the Province and the Municipalities.
  • We recognize that the rail aspects of the truck-rail hub are matter of federal jurisdiction; however, this project is about more than rail lines: significant non-rail aspects and their potential effects should engage multiple areas of provincial and local governments.
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Background: The proposed CN truck-rail hub in Milton

  • CN is proposing to build a new truck - rail hub in the Town of Milton that will:
    • develop 400 acres of a 1200 acre lot of land with undisclosed plans for the remaining 800 acres;
    • build a new mainline which will double the existing tracks and add over 20 kms of new rail yard track;
    • result in 1,600 trips to and from the facility each day; and
    • will operate 24 hours per day, 7 days a week.
  • The project is currently being assessed by a Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency Joint Review Panel Process.
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Project Concerns

  • It is premature for the Halton Municipalities to take a formal position on the project.
  • However, we do have concerns about the potential impacts to our communities based on what we do know, including the environment, health and safety.

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