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Sustainable Halton Technical Reports - Phase Two

During Phase Two, two reports were published covering proposed Land Use Concepts and a Phase Two Consultation Report.

Land Use Concepts

Sustainable Halton, Working Paper #1: Locating New Urban LandAdobe Portable Document Format (PDF)1.7MB This working paper outlined a process for choosing which undeveloped, urban land (Designated Greenfield Areas) inside the Primary Study Area (PSA) should be developed in the future.

The report, Sustainable Halton Working Paper #1: Locating New Urban Land, shown above, is long. To make the five growth concepts more accessible to you, we saved them in a separate file.

Five Growth Concepts

Five Growth ConceptsAdobe Portable Document Format (PDF)595KB These growth concepts show the land use ideas that were developed after analysis of the technical reports prepared for Sustainable Halton Phase One.

Phase Two Consultation Report

Stage 2 Consultation Report: September 2007 to January 2008Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF)2.6MB This report summarizes, analyzes and provides recommendations on how to respond to the feedback for Sustainable Halton Phase Two received from multiple levels of government, several advisory committees, stakeholder groups, and hundreds of people who live in Halton.