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Appeals & Complaints Under Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act

What if I do not agree with the Region’s decision on my access or correction request?

  • You may ask for a review of the decision by the Information and Privacy Commissioner/Ontario, the external oversight body for MFIPPA.
  • You must launch an appeal within 30 days of receiving our decision letter and your appeal must be made in writing.
  • An appeal fee of $10.00 for personal information related requests or $25.00 for general records requests applies, which must be sent in with your letter of appeal.
  • You can appeal any aspect of your FOI request such as:
    • if we do not reply to you within 30 days (called a deemed refusal).
    • if you are unhappy with our decision on disclosure.
    • if you disagree with a fee estimate or a notice of extension, etc.
  • You can contact the IPC at:

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What should I do if I feel my privacy has been breached?

  • If you feel that the Region has improperly collected, retained, used or disclosed your personal information, contact the Region’s Freedom of Information and Privacy (FOI) Coordinator to discuss your concerns.
  • The FOI Coordinator has a complaint procedure process she/he will follow, which includes some of the following steps:
    • Initiating an investigation into the matter.
    • Contacting all relevant parties.
    • Ensuring that staff retrieve the information back, if possible, where a complaint relates to disclosure of personal records.
    • Investigating if systemic problems exist with respect to privacy.
    • Making a final determination on the complaint.
  • You may also complain to the IPC directly who will launch an investigation into the matter; no fee is required to file a complaint.

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