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Archive of Transportation EAs

The document container on this page holds reports and other material related to the following completed transportation environmental assessments:

Completed 2014

  •  Dundas Street Corridor Study – Section 2

Completed 2013

  • Dundas Street Corridor Study – Section 1

Completed 2012

  • Tremaine Road Transportation Corridor Class EA Study

Completed 2011

  • Neyagawa Boulevard Transportation Corridor Class EA Study
  • Upper Middle Improvements Environmental Assessment

Completed 2010

  • Derry Road Transportation Corridor
  • Trafalgar Road Improvements (This study was superseded by a new Trafalgar Road Improvements study.)
  • Derry Road Transportation Corridor
  • Guelph Line Transportation Corridor
  • Steeles Avenue Improvements
  • Ninth Line Transportation Corridor
  • North Oakville Transportation Corridor & 16 Mile Crossing Class EA Study
  • Halton-Peel Boundary Area Transportation Class EA Study

Completed 2009

  • Trafalgar Road Improvements, Halton Hills (This study was superseded by a new Trafalgar Road Improvements study initiated in 2009.)

Completed 2008

  • No. 20 Side Road Realignment, Milton
  • Tremaine Road Improvements & James Snow Parkway Extension, Milton

Completed 2006

  • Appleby Line Improvements, Burlington
  • Derry Road Improvements, Milton
  • Regional Road 25 Improvements, Milton
  • Steeles Avenue Improvements, Halton Hills
  • Upper Middle Road Improvements, Oakville

Completed 2005

  • Dorval Drive Improvements, Oakville
  • Maple Avenue Improvements, Halton Hills
  • Regional Road 25 Improvements, Oakville/Milton
  • Upper Middle Road & Burloak Drive, Burlington
  • Winston Churchill Boulevard, Halton-Peel

Completed 2004

  • Dundas Street Improvements, Oakville
  • Steeles Avenue Improvements, Halton Hills

Completed 2003

  • Derry Road Improvements, Milton
  • Structure Improvements over Sixteen Mile Creek (on Dundas Street), Oakville

Completed 2002

  • No. 10 Side Road Improvements, Halton Hills
  • Bronte Road Improvements, Oakville
  • Guelph Line Improvements, Milton
  • Trafalgar Road Improvements, Halton Hills

Completed 1995

  • Reconstruction of No. 10 Side Road, Halton Hills
  Document Container  Completed 2010  Steeles Avenue Improvements

Study Documents

Please note: Some of these documents are extremely large. If you are not using a high-speed connection, download times could be long or you could experience technical difficulties.

Public Information Centre #2 - March 19, 2008

Public Information Centre #1 - September 27, 2006

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