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Being Active at Work

Count Your Steps LogoRegular physical activity, a minimum of 150 minutes (or 2 ½ hours) External LinkAdobe Portable Document Format (PDF) each week, has many health benefits. However, getting started or maintaining an active lifestyle can sometimes be difficult, especially when you spend more than half of your day at work.

Here are some tips to help you be active at work:

  • Take the stairs instead of the elevator when possible.
  • Stand and/or stretch while talking on the phone.
  • Walk and meet someone to discuss work rather than calling or e-mailing.
  • Take a walk over your lunch hour. Need motivation? Borrow a pedometer from any library in Halton. Visit to learn about the Count Your Steps - Library Pedometer Lending Program
  • Photo of a PedometerReplace your coffee break with a walking break.
    A Practical Guide to Starting a Workplace Walking Group External Link
  • Remember, you can build up to 2 ½ hours of physical activity each week by doing at least 10 minutes at a time, until you reach your goal.

Occupational Health and Sitting: Move More at Work & Sit Less!

Employees whose days involve prolonged sitting; sit for long periods during the day, commute to work or sit at home after work, have an increased risk of experiencing the following:

  • Increase risk for cardiovascular diseases
  • Increase chance of weight gain (overweight/obesity)
  • Increase chance of developing Type 2 Diabetes

Researchers are saying: meeting the Canadian Physical Activity Guidelines is not enough. We need to not only meet these guidelines, but also just Move More at Work & Sit Less.

Some resources to help you address this issue with your employer can be found here

Resources to Help You Move More at Work

Resources for Physical Activity Breaks

Photo of a group of people doing yoga.The next time you take a break, try the following exercises to reduce work related fatigue, muscle aches and pains.

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