Kindergarten: Ready, Set, Go!

How to register for Kindergarten

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  • Kindergarten 2016 – Ready, Set, GO!
    Learn the most important skills children need; the importance of relationships; helpful routines; learning through play and more.

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Resources For Teachers

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    • Kindergarten orientation nights 
    • Halton community supports

    Is your child ready for school?
    A Developmental Screen such as the Nipissing District Developmental Screen (NDDS) can help. You can receive a 3 or 4 year NDDS from us.

    Congratulations! Your child is about to start “big-kids” school. No doubt you’re shaking your head wondering where the time went, and maybe even tearing up thinking about that first day of school drop off. It can be a big transition, which is why we have collaborated to create these pages for you. You’ll find checklists, tips, community supports and programs, printable resources and more.

    EvenstartEvenStart/Ready Set Go! Programs

    PD days, Holidays and EventsPD Days, Holidays & Events


    Activities for Parents and Children: Top 10 listsGrowth and Development Activities

    Community SupportsCommunity Supports

    Printable Parent ResourcesPrintable Parent Resources