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Seven tips for homework success:

  1. Let your child relax after school. Allow time to unwind and have a snack.
  2. Ask your child about their homework. Ask questions about their homework (e.g., are supplies needed and when it is due).
  3. Set a regular time and arrange a place to do homework. Have clear expectations as to when and where homework will be done. This will reduce conflicts around homework completion.
  4. Help your child get started. Be prepared to sit at the table with younger children, but do not do their homework for them.
  5. Offer praise and encouragement while your child is working. Praise can help motivate your child to persist with their homework. For example, “Great! That’s five questions you’ve done already”.
  6. Prompt your child to solve problems themselves. For example, if your child asks you how to spell a word, you could say: “How do you think it is spelled?” Offer praise with each attempt. If after one or two prompts, your child does not get the right answer, tell them what it is. This will avoid your child becoming frustrated.
  7. Show an interest and say something positive about your child’s work. When checking work, say something positive about your child’s effort. If you must make corrections only point out one or two mistakes. Do not feel you have to make sure your child’s work is perfect before they hand it in.