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Preparing For High School - Children/Tweens

Be an involved parent

  • “youth are more likely to succeed in school when their parents are involved in their education and school” - Search Institute (external link)
  • Parental involvement drops dramatically across the middle and high school years from 50% in grade 6 to 20% in grade 12. Don't let that happen with you and your teen.

Ask your child:

  • In what ways would they like you to be involved with the school
  • What do they like about other parents helping out in the school
  • How are other parents helping?

High school - how involved should I be as a parent?

Answer: In a nutshell, be as involved as you can. Be active in their schooling.

Most parents pull away from school involvement due to work schedules, extra-curricular activities, or because they think their son or daughter does not want them involved. However, this is the time when parents need to be connected with the school in a different way.

Why be involved?

  • Helps teens with their learning
  • Adds to their sense of security
  • Supports their transition to increased independence and freedom

Ways to be more involved with your teen’s education:

  • Make attending school events a priority. This can be anything from a school fundraising event to the school play.
  • Join school council or a committee (e.g., fundraising). Be upfront and realistic about your time availability.
  • Volunteer to help out in small ways. Talk to the school to find out what opportunities are available. You may be able to assist with the school phone tree, photocopy items for an upcoming event, or use your talents to benefit a student, a class or the school.
  • Read the same book your son or daughter has to read for English. This gives you a great opportunity to discuss things together and also learn from your child’s insights.

Resources for parents: