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Food Safety General Public Information

  • 4 food safety tips
    Help keep your family safe from food related illnesses by following these four basic guidelines.
  • Dinewise
    Look up the inspection reports for your favourite restaurant or any establishment that sells, serves or prepares food.
  • Fight BAC! Campaign
    This is a national campaign to educate consumers about safe food handling practices.
  • Food Recalls and Allergy Alerts
    Stay up-to-date about food recalls and allergy alerts that pose a threat to human health.  
  • Food Safety Inspections
    Public Health Inspectors regularly inspect food premises.  Learn about how often inspections happen, definitions and other important information about food premise inspections.

  • How to Properly Wash Fresh Fruits and Vegetables
    There is more to washing your fruits and vegetables with water than just rinsing them.  Find out here.
  • Food-borne Illness
    This page has information on the symptoms and causes of food-borne illnesses, commonly called "food poisoning".
  • Offences Report
    Here you will find a listing of the establishments who have committed a food related offence within the past 6 months.
  • Raw Milk
    Frequently asked questions about raw milk and the pasteurization process.