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Communicating with Parents

Schools can help improve communication with families by using a variety of communications methods. 
Newsletters, the school’s website and social media channels are proven ways for reaching parents.

School Newsletter Inserts

  • School Newsletter Inserts are short articles written by Public Health Nurses at Halton Region.
  • These articles provide parents with current information on health-related topics and reinforce health messages promoted in the school.
  • Use these short articles in your school newsletters throughout the school year.

Parent Corner Website Insert

  • The Parent Corner Website Insert is content that can be used to develop the parent section of a school’s website.
  • The insert contains information and resources based on best parenting practices.
  • Parents can use the resources to build and maintain a positive relationship with their children.

HaltonParents Social Media  

  • Make further use of your school’s social media accounts by connecting with HaltonParents social media.
  • Schools can follow, like and share daily, relevant, evidence-informed parenting tips and messages.
  • Invite parents to connect with, Blog, Twitter or Facebook for parenting information.