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Cyber Bullying

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Instant messaging, social media, text messaging, e-mail, gaming and more are all ways the Internet has made it easy for young people to stay in touch with each other.

Most interactions are fun and positive, but problems arise when the technology that is supposed to bring people together is used instead to harass, humiliate, intimidate and threaten others. This is otherwise known as cyberbullying (external link).

Set family guidelines and rules for online behaviour. Here are a few tips:

  • Talk to your child about internet safety. Discuss online high-risk behaviour and create “what if” scenarios together to help your child recognize dangerous situations and practice responses.
  • Set up online accounts with your child and ensure no personal information is used. Know your child’s screen names and passwords.
  • Participate with your child online. Let your child teach you what they know.
  • Monitor your child’s computer use by keeping the computer in a busy area of your home.
  • Regularly check your child’s “followers” for new and unknown names.
  • Encourage your child to think how they would feel if they were the target of cyber bullying.