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Family Meals

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Family meals are a great place for children to learn how to eat healthy and feel loved and connected.

Children who eat family meals together are more likely to eat breakfast as well as more fruits and vegetables.

Check out these great tips on planning family meals from Eat Right Ontario (external link):

  • Make a plan. Meals should be quick and nutritious. Plan your busy weeknight meals ahead of time and buy the food you need early in advance. Having a plan and the food on hand when needed can reduce mealtime stress and last minute trips to the store.
  • Be flexible with meal timing. When children are involved in sports or programs during mealtimes, plan to eat your meals when most of the family can be there. You can also take a breakfast, lunch or dinner as a “meal-to-go” and eat at the park, arena, pool or gym.
  • Involve children in meal preparation. Children who help make a meal are more likely to enjoy and eat it too!
  • Be a good role model. Plan to serve healthy foods and have your children see you eat them too. The more times your child sees you eating healthy foods, the more likely they will accept them.
  • Turn the TV off. Enjoy eating and talking with your family at mealtimes.