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9 Metre Smoking By-law No 24-09

No smoking within nine metres sign - By-law No. 24-09

As of February 15, 2010, by-law No 24-09 will prohibit smoking within 9-metres from any entrance or exit of buildings (Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF)35KB) owned or leased by the Regional Municipality of Halton or its Local Municipalities.

Examples of Municipally owned or leased buildings

  • municipal offices
  • community centres
  • libraries
  • indoor swimming pools
  • arenas
  • museums
  • art galleries
  • public washrooms
  • recreational centres
  • police stations
  • fire halls
  • ambulance stations

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How will the by-law be enforced?

  • For issues of non-compliance with Halton Bylaw 24-09, Tobacco Enforcement Officers will use a progressive enforcement approach.
  • Progressive enforcement approach includes conducting surveillance, providing education, issuing warnings where appropriate and issuing charges by way of a Part 1 (ticket) or a Part 3 (summons) for contravention of the by-law. Individuals found to be in non-compliance of the by-law, may be issued a warning, or a Certificate of Offence (ticket) with a set fines, or a Provincial Offence Summons to appear in court.

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