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Reporting to the Health Department at Special Events

  • Notify the Halton Region Health Department if you plan to operate an animal attraction that is being held in Halton. Send the animal exhibit information sheet to the Health Department 4 weeks before the event.
  • Send a site plan indicating the types of water supply to be used (for example, public, private, treated, untreated), general landscape, and layout of the attraction.
  • Supply proof of veterinarian examination of animals and proof of rabies examination.
  • Notify the Health Department if an animal becomes sick or dies during the attraction. 
  • If you operate a travelling attraction, supply a list to the Halton Region Health Department of locations where you will be for a 30-day period after leaving Halton Region.
  • Incidents such as bites and scratches where human skin is broken due to contact with an animal must, by law, be reported to the Health Department immediately.
    The report should include:
    • Person whose skin is broken
    • Name/parent/guardian if applicable
    • Age (if available)
    • Address
    • Phone
    • Date of incident
    • Animal information
      • Type of animal
      • Name of owner
      • Address of owner
      • Telephone number where the owner can be reached

Note: The person who was bitten or scratched should be advised to seek medical attention, and the animal must be isolated from all other animals and humans.  All reported incidents will be investigated by a Public Health Inspector and appropriate actions taken as a result.