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Road Improvements

Learn about what's planned for the Town of Milton by 2016.

Building a Better Halton

Building a Better Halton is Halton Region’s infrastructure construction plan for roads, water, wastewater and waste management projects across the Region. It’s our commitment to improving your quality of life through reduced commute and drive times, high-quality water supply and wastewater collection, and the creation of sustainable communities.

Look for the Building a Better Halton sign on construction projects near you.

Regional construction projects

Be informed about Regional construction projects and related traffic impacts in your community.


  • Dundas Street
    Appleby Line to Bronte Road
    Watermain construction
  • Guelph Line & Fairview Street
    Road resurfacing on Guelph Line from South of 8 Sideroad to Derry Road; from Conservation Road to McLaren Road; Campbell Ave to 10 Side Road & road restoration on Fairview Street from East of Walkers Line to Woodview
    Road resurfacing program and road restoration
  • Harvester Road and Appleby Line Intersection
    Intersection resurfacing
  • King Road
    Canadian Railway Underpass to Future South Service Road
    Watermain works
  • Lakeshore Road
    Old Lakeshore Road to Guelph Line
    Watermain replacement
  • Milton Reservoir
    5422 14 Side Road, Milton
    Landscaping improvements
  • New Street
    From Cumberland Ave. to Hampton Heath Rd.
    Watermain replacement and wastewater main relining
  • Oneida Place/Indian Creek Crossing
    Oneida Place to Indian Creek Crossing
    Wastewater main lining
  • Pinedale Ave.
    New Street (Pinedale Ave. to 120 metres east of Hampton Heath Road) & Pinedale Ave. (New Street to 30 metres north), Riverside Drive, Timber Lane, Salem Road
    Watermain replacement, sidewalk/road repairs, street lighting replacement, pedestrian signal installation, storm sewer repairs
  • Skyway Wastewater Treatment Plant
    1125 Lakeshore Road
    Treatment upgrades and expansion
  • Tyandaga Reservoir
    2190 Kerns Road, Burlington
    Landscaping improvements
  • Washburn Reservoir & Booster Station
    3207 Heathfield Drive
    Construction and equipment upgrades
  • Waterdown Reservoir
    1376 Waterdown Road, Burlington
    Landscaping improvements

Halton Hills

  • 10 Sideroad
    From Ninth Line to Tenth Line
    Road reconstruction
  • Charles Street
    From Church Street to Maple Avenue
    Watermain and wastewater main replacement and road resurfacing
  • Cherry Street
    Kennedy Street to Ewing Street
    Watermain and wastewater main construction
  • Cleaveholm Drive
    Cleaveholm Drive from Henry Street to 170 m north
    Watermain and wastewater main construction
  • Ewing Street
    Main Street to east leg of Hewson Crescent
    Watermain and wastewater main construction
  • Fourth Line Standby Well
    Well construction
  • Georgetown Wastewater Treatment Plant
    Facility upgrades
  • Heather Court
    Ewing Street to Ewing Street
    Watermain and wastewater main construction
  • Henry Street
    Main Street North to Mary Street
    Watermain and wastewater main replacement
  • Hewson Crescent
    Ewing Street to Ewing Street
    Watermain and wastewater main construction
  • James Snow Parkway Extension
    Steeles Avenue to Boston Church Road
    New 4-lane road construction
  • Lindsay Court Standby Well
    Pumphouse expansion and upgrades
  • Lindsay Court
    Trafalgar Road to end
    Watermain and wastewater main construction
  • Steeles Avenue
    Eighth Line North to 160 m west of Winston Churchill Boulevard
    Road reconstruction to 4 lanes, bridge rehabilitation & widening (south side) over East 16 Mile Creek, traffic signals & street lighting upgrades through corridor
  • Steeles Avenue
    James Snow Parkway to Fifth Line South
    Road reconstruction to 4 lanes, bridge replacement, traffic signals



Road Closures

  • Road Closed SignHenderson Road
    Regional Road 25 to Lower Base Line
    July 15, 2013 - May 30, 2014

Municipal construction projects

Find out more about your Local Municipality’s construction projects.