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Paying Your Rent

Your rent is due on the first of the month.
To ensure that your rent is always paid on time, we strongly suggest that you set up a pre-authorized payment plan or give us post-dated cheques once a year. Not paying your rent or paying your rent late on a regular basis could result in your eviction. For more information about the pre-authorized payment plan, please speak to your Tenant Services Representative.

Types of Rent

There are two kinds of rental housing available within Halton Community Housing Corporation:

  1. Market Rent is the full rental amount charged to tenants who are not receiving rent subsidy (similar to the rents charged in the private sector). Market rents are reviewed annually.
  2. Rent-Geared-To-Income (RGI) Assistance is the financial subsidy provided to a household to reduce the amount the household must otherwise pay to occupy a unit with Halton Community Housing Corporation.

RGI rent, plus or minus the utilities allowance, is based on approximately 30% of the gross monthly income; however, there are exceptions. You should speak to your Tenant Services Representative if you require further clarification. RGI rents are reviewed annually, however, if your household income changes you are required to report the changes within twenty (20) business days of the change occurring to Halton Community Housing Corporation.

Changes to your Rent

Market Rent rates are reviewed annually. Market Rent tenants are given 90 days notice of an increase. Social Housing is not subject to rent controls under the Residential Tenancies Act. RGI Rents are reviewed annually however, if there are any changes to your income or to your family composition, you must report these changes, in writing, to your Tenant Services Representative within twenty (20) business days. This may include changes in the amount and/or source of your gross monthly household income, or if someone moves into or out of your unit.

The amount of rent you pay is based on the amount of income received by you and anyone else that lives in the unit with you and is calculated based on the rules in the Social Housing Reform Act and procedures decided upon by Halton Region.

Changes in Your Income

If you pay RGI, your rent may change more than once a year if your income changes. You must report any changes in the amount of your gross household income, from all sources, or changes in the source of your income to your Tenant Services Representative within twenty (20) business days of the change. Failure to do so may result in losing your subsidy.

Note: Do not wait for your annual review to report changes in your income. Your RGI subsidy could be jeopardized if you do not report changes. If you do have to pay an increased rent, there may be overpaid subsidy dollars that you will be required to pay back to Halton Community Housing Corporation. Your Tenant Services Representative will advise you if this is required under the Social Housing Reform Act.