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Community Relations Worker


The Region of Halton Housing Services are interested in providing you with more than simply housing; we want you to live in a safe and healthy community environment.

The Region of Halton recognizes that even healthy communities will face challenges and that tenants may need assistance in resolving issues from time to time.  For that reason, we rely  on our Community Relations Workers who work with the Halton Community Housing Corporation (HCHC) to keep our communities strong.

Our Role

The role of the Community Relations Worker (CRW) is to act as a support to the tenant and liaison between the landlord (HCHC) and the tenant.

CRWs also collaborate with community based agencies to  support the efforts of these organizations in serving our tenants and strengthening our communities.

Your CRW can be an advisor, a listener, or simply someone to turn to.

What We Do

CRWs can be contacted for support and assistance in resolving issues that may put their tenancy at risk such as:

  • Job loss/Arrears
  • Issues affecting eligibility for rent geared to income
  • Form Completion

CRWs can provide tenants with support and referrals to agencies who can assist with:

  • Health services
  • Social assistance programs
  • Budgeting
  • Mental health issues
  • Parenting issues
  • Illness or disability concerns

How To Contact Us

All HCHC communities provide contact information for your CRW. You may find this information on your community message board or from your onsite Maintenance & Tenant Service Worker (MTSW), Security Tenant or call  311, or 905-825-6000 and your call will be directed to the appropriate Community Relations Worker by Access Halton.