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Healthy Communities Fund

About the Healthy Communities Fund

The goals of the Ministry of Health Promotion and Sport’s Healthy Communities Fund External Link are to:
  • create a culture of health and well-being
  • build healthy communities through coordinated action
The intent is to create policies and programs that make it easier for Ontarians to be healthy and to enhance the capacity of community leaders to work together on healthy living.

There are 6 priority areas:

  • physical activity, sport and recreation
  • injury prevention
  • healthy eating
  • tobacco use and exposure
  • substance and alcohol misuse
  • mental health promotion

In Halton this represents an opportunity to continue to build on assets, networks and relationships that already exist and to support those that are emerging. It is a chance to work together to increase effectiveness and productivity and reduce duplication.

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What is the Healthy Communities Partnership Stream?

The Partnership Stream External Link is one component of the Healthy Communities Fund (the other 2 components are the Grants Project Stream External Link and the Resource Stream External Link.). It aims to bring together community members, partners, networks, leaders and decision-makers to identify local recommended actions, based on the 6 Ministry priority areas.

These locally identified actions will link to the granting stream of the initiative. To support the selection of the recommended actions, the Health Department produced a Healthy Communities Situational Analyses for Halton Region (Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF)432KB, view summary). This document outlines the health status of Halton residents across the 6 risk factors.

A Summary of Recommended Actions for Halton (Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF)46KB) lays out recommended actions through community consultation.

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Healthy Communities Bulletins

  • Bulletin 1 Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF)50KB - A new approach for Ontario comes to Halton
  • Bulletin 2 Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF)37KB - Network Mapping: A way of looking at communities
  • Bulletin 3 Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF)39KB - Partnership Stream: Working towards a healthier Halton
  • Bulletin 4 Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF)47KB – Partnership Stream: First community consultation meeting a success!
  • Bulletin 5 Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF)52KB – Partnership Stream: Recommended Actions for Halton
  • Bulletin 6 Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF)73KB - Healthy Communities Consortium: A valuable resource for community organizations
  • Bulletin 7 Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF)49KB - January 2012 Announcement
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