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Automatic Irrigation Systems

Improperly designed, installed or maintained irrigation systems can result in significant over-watering, excessive water consumption and potential damage to property. 

If you have, or plan to install, an automatic irrigation system, ensure your irrigation contractor is a Select Certified Irrigation Association professional External Link, with training as a:

  • Certified Irrigation Contractor
  • Certified Irrigation Designer
  • Certified Landscape Water Manager

Their training emphasizes a commitment to efficient water management.

In order to reduce the need for irrigation, landscape your yard and garden with plants that require little or no water beyond natural rainfall.  You can still enjoy all the colour, vibrancy and beauty Mother Nature has to offer, while reducing your outdoor water demands.

Questions to think about for your current or proposed irrigation system:

  1. Do you have a rain sensor?
  2. Has your contractor proposed ways for you to reduce your water use?
  3. Do you have water efficient products such as drip irrigation and pressure regulated sprinklers?
  4. Is your contractor certified? To find out visit: External Link
  5. Does you irrigation system layout ensure spray heads and rotary style sprinklers are not combined on the same zone?
  6. July is Smart Irrigation month. For more information visit the Irrigation Association websiteExternal Link