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Transportation Master Plan to 2031 - The Road to Change

Cover page from Halton Region Transportation Master Plan 2031 - The Road to Change document.


Completed - October 2011.


Dillon Consulting/GHD


Halton Region is initiating a Transportation Master Plan (TMP) - The Road to Change to develop a sustainable, integrated transportation plan and associated strategies that consider all modes of travel (automobiles, transit, cycling, walking) to the year 2031.

Problem Statement

The master plan will provide the strategies, policies and tools required to meet the Region’s transportation needs safely, effectively and cost efficiently.

The Process

The Transportation Master Plan is a study which will define existing problems/opportunities, consider and evaluate solutions, and identify an optimum transportation system to the year 2031.

A key outcome of the study will be a list of transportation projects that the Region can incorporate in its 20-year Roads Capital Program.

To comply with the Environmental Assessment Act, the study is being conducted in accordance with the Municipal Class Environmental Assessment (EA) process (October 2000, as amended in 2007).

Public Consultation

A key component of the study will be public consultation. There will be 2 rounds of public information centres (PICs) for the 'Transportation Master Plan to 2031'.

Public Information Centres (PICs) #2

The 2nd round of public information centres were held March 7, 10, 22 & 24, 2011. During this 2nd round the preliminary preferred alternatives were presented. 

The following information was presented during the 2nd round of PICs:

Public Information Centres (PICs) #1

The 1st round of public information centres were held in March 2010 to present the study background, vision, guiding principles, and problems and opportunities.

Here are the documents from the first round of PICs:

Public Workshop

A public workshop was held on June 5, 2010. The purpose of the workshop was to present the process for developing alternative solutions and the evaluation criteria, and gather feedback on what the 2031 transportation strategy should consider.

Here are the documents from that workshop:

Study Documents

Final Transportation Master Plan - September 2011

Regional Contact

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