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Burloak Water Purification Plant Expansion Class EA - Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What stage is the existing water purification plant at? Is it up and running? 

A: The existing Burloak Water Purification Plant (WPP) started purifying 55 ML of drinking water a day in the spring 2009 - that’s the same amount as 22 Olympic-size swimming pools. It currently purifies water to serve the populations of Burlington, Milton, Oakville and the Halton Hills 401 corridor.

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Q: Why is this expansion required?

A: The Burloak Water Purification Plant provides safe and clean drinking water for the residents of Halton Region. The expansion of the facility is required to satisfy the anticipated water demand projections for Burlington, Milton, Oakville and Halton Hills.

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Q: When will this plant expansion be complete?

A: It is expected that the plant expansion will be completed and the facility operational by 2017.

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Q: When will construction start? How long do you expect the construction to take?

A: The design of the expansion and the related approvals are anticipated to take until the end of 2013. Construction will probably start in 2014 in order to be completed by 2017.

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Q: Can I expect any further construction on the Burloak WPP after this expansion?

A: Yes, the facility is scheduled for a multi-phase expansion. The upcoming work is phase 2.  Each phase will undergo a Municipal Class Environmental Assessment. 

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Q: What will the new expansion look like?

A: The facility will be designed to tie-in with the existing building and the look and feel of the neighbourhood. The expansion will be on the existing property.

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Q: How much closer will the expansion be to the houses on the south?

A: It is anticipated that most of the expansion will occur on the south of the property. The expansion will be contained within the existing site with a landscaped area between the buildings and the houses on the south. Landscape features will be incorporated to improve the view for neighbouring residents. The size of the building expansion will be defined in the next stage of the project. Information on the proposed expansion area will be provided at the second public information centre.

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Q: I live in the area.  What type of disruptions can I expect?

A: As with any construction project, you can expect some amount of noise and dust. Halton Region is working to ensure that any impacts are minimal through dust control efforts and adhering to the Town of Oakville by-law to minimize noise disruption. Construction activities, including noise and truck traffic, will normally be limited to between 7:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m., Monday through Saturday. There will be trucks moving in and out of the facility during the construction phase. These trucks will be entering and exiting on Rebecca Street and will not use the residential streets for access.

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Q: I have small children and I am concerned about safety during the construction period.

A: Health and safety is a priority for Halton Region. All contractors will adhere to strict safety guidelines. Trucks will avoid residential streets and use back up alarm systems to signal. Construction will be contained within the fenced area of the site.

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Q: Where is the money for the expansion coming from?

A: In keeping with Halton Region’s practice that new growth should pay for itself, the costs for the expansion are being paid through development fees, not taxpayers’ money.

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Q: Will there be any economic benefits to the community from this expansion?

A: Yes. There will be indirect economic benefits to the community through an increased tax base. The expansion is needed to meet the needs of new residential and employment land development.

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Q: What impact will the expansion of the water purification plant have on the environment?

A: Other than temporary construction impacts, there are no major environmental impacts anticipated from this project.  However, any potential impacts will be identified and evaluated as part of this Class EA study.

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Q: Will there be increased noise after the expansion has been completed?

A: No. The expansion of the Burloak WPP will not generate additional noise. The plant is designed to meet all Ministry of the Environment requirements for noise emissions.

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Q: Will this expansion affect property values?

A: In cases where facilities are close to residential areas, it is our practice to integrate them into the existing neighbourhood and ensure that comprehensive landscape designs minimize visual disturbances. As such, it has been our experience that property values are not affected by the proximity of infrastructure facilities.

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Q: I have a business in the adjacent plaza. I am concerned that the truck traffic may impact my business.

A: There will be trucks moving in and out of the facility during the construction phase. These trucks will be entering and exiting on Rebecca Street and will not use the residential streets for access. Trucks will not be stationary and will not obstruct the entrance way to the plaza. We anticipate that during this time, it will be ‘business as usual’ for plaza occupants and users. 

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Q: Will the water quality/quantity be affected during or after the expansion?

A: No. Construction activities will be coordinated to minimize disruption with the current operation of the plant and ensure an uninterrupted supply of water. Halton Region uses state-of-the-art technology to provide safe and clean drinking water that meets or exceeds Ministry of the Environment standards. The expansion will increase the amount of clean and safe drinking water that is produced and will not affect the quality. 

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Q: Should we be concerned about any air emissions generated by the expanded plant?

A: No. Halton Region will ensure that all regulatory approvals as set out by the Environmental Protection Act are met or exceeded.

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Q: Is there an opportunity to provide input to the project?

A: Yes!  Through this EA process, Halton Region wants to partner with the community to make sure everyone’s perspective is heard and valued. There will be a number of ways to provide input including:

  • Email or phone to Halton Region’s Project Manager or the Consultant’s Project Manager
  • In-person at the Public Information Centres (PIC)
  • Submitting a PIC Comment Sheet
  • Writing a letter to the project team
  • Sending us your comments through our website

With the exception of personal information, all input to the project will be documented and become part of the official record.

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Q: When are you having the next Public Information Centre?

A: We are having the first PIC on April 28, 2011 and the second PIC is tentatively scheduled for the fall 2011. Newspaper ads and invitation letters will be published ahead of time notifying interested people of the next meeting.

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Q: Who do I contact if I have a comment or question?

A: Contact Halton Region by: 

  • Dialing 311 or 905-825-6000 or toll free  1-866-442-5866 (1-866-4HALTON)

You can also contact Kelly Goorts, Project Manager, Water Design and Construction, Halton Region at 905-825-6000, Ext. 3309 or Oya Koc, Project Manager, AECOM, at 905-712-6998.

You can also go online to or and follow the links to the Burloak Water Purification Plant EA Study to fill out an online comment form.

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