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18-Month Well-Baby Visit

Why is 18 months an important time in my child’s development?

  • Key skills, such as speech and language are starting to emerge.
  • Your baby’s 18-month well-baby visit External Link is a chance for:
    • your doctor to assess your child’s development.
    • you to discuss any concerns you may have.
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Will the 18 month well-baby visit be longer than the other visits?

  • Yes, it will be longer and more in depth than previous visits.
  • You will have the opportunity to have a more detailed discussion about your child with your doctor or another health care provider.
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What can I do to prepare for the 18-month well-baby visit?

  • Complete the 18-month Nipissing District Developmental Screen™ (NDDS) screen prior to your child’s visit.
  • Tell your doctor about any ‘No’s you may have checked on the NDDS.
  • Make a list of any questions or concerns you may have that you would like to discuss with your doctor.
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