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Healthy Communities Situational Analyses for Halton Region

This document outlines the health status of Halton residents across the 6 risk factors.

Key Findings

The vision of the Healthy Communities Framework of the Ministry of Health  Promotion and Sport (MHP&S) is to encourage communities to work together to support Ontarians in leading healthy and active lives. Achieving this vision is pursued through 4 goals:
  1. the creation of a culture of health and well-being.
  2. building healthy communities through coordinated action.
  3. the creation of policies and programs that make it easier for Ontarians to be healthy.
  4. enhancing the capacity of community leaders to work together on healthy living.

The Framework has 3 components (project funding, partnerships, and resources) and is focused on 6 priority areas:

  • physical activity, sport and recreation
  • injury prevention
  • healthy eating
  • tobacco use and exposure
  • substance and alcohol misuse
  • mental health promotion

In 2010, the Halton Region Health Department assumed the role of steward for the Partnership Stream and as such has worked to provide support and coordination for community-based networks and coalitions. This report will be used both to inform the Health Department’s report to the MHP&S on the Partnership Stream and as a resource for community partners. It should be noted that this report was designed not as a summary but as a "living document," one that could be changed and updated as new information emerges. It describes:

  • The community context: Compared to some parts of the province, Halton has several health advantages. Yet, diseases and injuries that are largely and healthcare expenditures. Moreover, due to socioecological and demographic changes underway in the Region, it is facing new or future health challenges.
  • Local (regional) statistics: Regional statistics show both strengths and challenges in each of the 6 priority areas. For example, there is a high level of support for smoke-free by-laws in Halton (a strength) but at the same time a low level of awareness that giving or selling cigarettes to minors is illegal (a weakness). Examining the strengths, weakness and challenges as showed by regional statistics helped community networks and coalitions to identify opportunities for action and collaboration
  • Community assets: This section inventories what is currently known about community assets such as networks working in the priority areas, local non-governmental organizations, regional and municipal government organization and services, and Halton data sources. It will continue to evolve as information and the environment changes.