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Gas Tax Reporting

The Federal Gas Tax Fund (GTF) program was originally designed in 2005 to provide municipalities with predictable infrastructure funding over five years. Since then, the agreement was extended to provide continued funding to 2013. As announced in the Federal Economic Action Plan 2013, the Federal GTF has again been renewed based on revised census data (2011). Under the renewed agreement the annual funding will increase by $1.0 million to $14.5 million in 2014, which will grow through indexing to $16.0 million by 2018. This has been and continues to be an important funding source to Halton in funding the state-of-good-repair water, wastewater and roads capital programs.

The renewed Federal GTF Agreements are an important recognition by the Federal Government of the challenge faced by municipalities in addressing local infrastructure needs. While the Region has been proactive in strategically addressing its infrastructure requirements, the significant funding required to accommodate growing state-of-good repair capital programs has been a rising challenge to the Region. The increased annual GTF under the new agreement will continue to help address the state-of-good-repair capital needs.

Halton Region received $15.5 million from the Gas Tax Fund in 2017 and has received over $144 million since 2005. A portion of the funding has been used towards:

  • Dundas Street (Regional Road 5) widening in Oakville
  • Oakville Southwest Wastewater Treatment Plant upgrades
  • Oakville Water Purification Plant upgrades
  • Washburn Booster Station rehabilitation in Burlington
  • Water and Wastewater main replacement on New Street in Burlington
  • Skyway Wastewater Treatment Plant upgrades
  • Tremaine Road widening and realignment in Milton
  • Steeles Road widening and resurfacing in Milton and Halton Hills
  • Agnes Street Pump Station upgrades in Acton
  • Water and wastewater main replacement in Longfield Road area in Acton
  • Georgetown Wastewater Treatment Plant rehabilitation
  • Princess Anne well replacement in Georgetown

For further information on the Federal Gas Tax, please visit the AMO website at (external link)
To see a detailed list of eligible projects underway in Halton Region go to (external link)

The Federal Gas Tax Report

For more information about Halton Region's 2017 Federal Gas Tax Report, or to order a hard copy, please contact Access Halton at: