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BizPaL & ONe-Source for Business

ONe-SourceBizPaL has changed, and the Ontario government has built upon its great foundation by integrating its multi-jurisdictional content (municipal, provincial and federal) into the ONe-Source for Business external link icon portal.

ONe-Source for Business is Ontario's new free online service which uses all of BizPaL's permit and licence data external link icon, along with other valuable information from all levels of government.

Benefits of using ONe-Source for Business:

ONe-Source addresses many of the Common frustrations that businesses encounter when interacting with government:
  1. Easily search across multiple sources of information to get a customized listing of forms, services and programs relevant to your specific business needs - saving hours of research time each year.
  2. Find, fill in and submit forms electronically eliminating the need to print, fill in tombstone information and mail in forms.
  3. Keep track of your relationships and accounts with various government programs - making it easier to know where you stand in terms of being in compliance with a variety of programs.

The ONe-Source for Business portal makes it easier than ever before to access the government services and information you need to run your business.