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Halton as a Regional Government

A Strong Halton for a Strong Ontario - Partners for the Future

This page details Halton's needs as a Regional Government and what Halton requests from the Province to ensure fiscal responsibility. 

Infrastructure Maintenance

As the infrastructure systems grow and age, significant maintenance pressures will need to be addressed through sustainable financing plans.

What Halton requests of the next Provincial Government

  • A commitment to infrastructure funding that will support growing infrastructure maintenance requirements
  • Grant exemptions to municipal governments from provincial sales tax and allow municipalities to use the money for infrastructure renewal
  • Provide a portion of the existing gas tax for transportation and environmental infrastructure
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Municipal Liability and Insurance Costs

Municipal Liability and Insurance Costs have increased dramatically because municipalities, under the Negligence Act, are being targeted to pay damages in litigations where co-defendants do not have the ability to pay high damage costs. This joint liability is found even where a municipality is considered to be only 1% at fault. The result is more frequent litigations, increased damages awarded to plaintiffs and increased insurance premiums charged to municipalities.

What Halton requests of the next Provincial Government

  • Implement reform of the Negligence Act to eliminate joint and several liability to control escalating risk management and insurance costs
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