Candidates Response to Question 11 of the 2011 Provincial Election

On June 12, 2014 Halton voters will cast their ballot for local Provincial candidates. On behalf of Halton residents, Regional Chair Gary Carr has sent a letter and questionnaire to Halton’s candidates asking for their positions on a number of issues of critical importance to Halton Region.

Question 11

11. Are you willing to vote against your party’s platform on issues that negatively affect Halton Region??

Choose which candidates to display

    Meredith Cross - Green

    Charles J. Zach - Libertarian

    Susan Farrant - Green
    Kal Ghory - Libertarian

    Andrew Chlobowski - Green

    Silvio Ursomarzo - Freedom
Wellington - Halton Hills

    Jason Cousineau - Libertarian

    Mitch Sproule - Freedom

Andrew Brannan, Burlington - Freedom

I do not know what it means to “negatively affect Halton”. My party would never advance an agenda that negatively affects the individual rights of the residents of Halton Region. The idea of Halton Region as a corporate entity above and more important than the rights of the citizenry is anathema to me and my party.

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Jane McKenna, Burlington - Conservative website (external link)

I serve all the people of the riding of Burlington, regardless of political affiliation. The interests of Halton Region are obviously larger and more complex than those of Burlington alone, but I cannot foresee any issues that would prevent me from voting with similar loyalty.

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Eleanor McMahon, Burlington - Liberal  website (external link)

Yes. If elected, it will be by the people of the riding of Burlington. I’ll be at Queen’s Park to serve them, and it will be the residents of this riding, regardless of whether or not they voted for me, who I will answer to.
I have lived in Burlington for more than a decade now, and the reason I got into politics was because I was excited by what I could help achieve for the community. Instead of bringing the voice of Queen’s Park to Burlington, I’ll be bringing Burlington to Queen’s Park to fight for what’s right for the people of Burlington and their families.

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Jan Mowbray, Burlington - NDP website (external link),

As MPP, I will take very seriously my role as a representative and advocate for my constituents. I am very proud to work for the Ontario NDP team that puts Ontario families first and works for their priorities. 

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David Clement, Oakville - Libertarian  website (external link)

This is another question that is easy to commit to in theory, but may be difficult to implement in practice. Unfortunately, the current state of the government means that drastic changes are in order, some of which that may have negative consequences in the short run, not only for Halton residents, but all residents of Ontario. It is important to remember that effective public policy consists of not merely looking at the immediate outcomes, but looking at the longer term effects of said policy. It would be dishonest of me to commit to voting against anything that negatively affects the region given the current state the province is in. What I can commit to is that all policy implemented and advocated by the Ontario Libertarian Party is focused on thinking about all people, in the long run, as opposed to some people in the short run. I firmly believe that this is the appropriate measure as to how public policy should be evaluated. One benefit of having me in Queen’s Park is that I will not be under the same restrictions as some of the other candidates vying for your vote. Members of Provincial Parliament from the traditional political parties are often faced with party discipline and can often be silenced when their views are in opposition to the views of their party. Because I will be an MPP from a non-traditional party, I will be able to more vocally advocate for the region’s needs. Electing me as your representative means that the Oakville riding will have representation willing to speak out on any policy, regardless of which party has put it forward.

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Kevin Flynn

Kevin Flynn, Oakville - Liberal  website External Link

I am proud to put my community first. My wife and I have lived in Oakville for almost 40 years. I have been a member of the provincial legislature since 2003 and prior to that served for 18 years as a Regional Councillor, winning six consecutive elections while running a successful business at the same time. This has given me a deep-rooted understanding of the issues facing the community. As an active member of this community, I have had the privilege to participate in the evolution of Oakville and Halton Region into a world-class community.

My community came first when we halted the Conservative government approved power plant on Winston Churchill Blvd. that had been previously approved by the Conservative government. I put our community first again when the Ontario Power Authority proposed to build a natural gas power plant in Oakville. I did not hesitate to speak out against government plans and initiate a successful effort to convince the Premier and the Minister of Energy that this power plant was not needed. I brought forward residents petitions, a Private Members Bill, and organized meetings between the local residents associations with the Minister of Energy and high-level staff in the Premier's Office to ensure that this ill sited facility did not move forward. Our government has also changed the process that is used for determine the site of future power plants to ensure that in the future, communities are appropriately consulted.

My loyalties remain to my community first and foremost. I will continue to act and serve in the best interests of Oakville and the Halton Region.

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Che Marville

Che Marville, Oakville - NDP

I believe in collaboration and I don’t make blanket statements without full disclosure of a matter. I believe in this region and I will be a strong advocate for Oakville in all discussions that may affect its residents, environment, business and opportunity. The NDP has a plan that “Makes Sense”. You can download it at (external link)

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Larry Scott

Larry Scott, Oakville - Conservative

There is no significant amount of money available from the provincial government to try and buy solutions to our problems here in Halton. In spite of that, you have my personal commitment to work with you, to examine solutions that you may have or will come up with, to better serve all the people in Halton.

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Ted Chudleigh

Ted Chudleigh, Halton - Conservative

Yes. I have voted against my Party while in government over their plan for large scale development of the Oak Ridges Moraine. Those elected are elected to serve the people of Halton not Party members with whom they share a basic political philosophy. If returned to government the PCs are essentially a Board of Directors for the province, and while I would never support anything that hurt Halton specifically, as a member of that board I have to balance those needs with the needs of the whole province.

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Indira Naidoo-Harris

Indira Naidoo-Harris, Halton - Liberal  website (external link)

My entire campaign has been dedicated to putting Halton families first. I have lived in Halton for more than 20 years. Halton is my home. It is where I chose to raise my family. My children were born here. They attend school here, play hockey, soccer and dance here, and regularly participate in charity events here. We spend our time visiting the many Halton Region conservation areas, shopping in the Milton and Burlington Farmer's Markets, attending the local fairs, and enjoying everything the region has to offer.

While I have long contributed to my community through volunteerism and local activism, I have come to see that I can serve Halton best where the need is greatest, as a Member of Provincial Parliament. Halton is growing and changing but it has not had strong representation for a long time and that is why I am running. We need a change of representation in Halton. We need a stronger voice.

Our representation in Halton has continued to say no to the important concerns of residents in Halton. When it came to funding for hospitals to take care of our sick in Oakville, Milton and Burlington he said no. When it came to funding schools for our children in the fastest growing community in Canada, he said no. When it came to expanded roadways and public transportation for thousands of Halton commuters, he said no. Our local MPP says no too often. I think it’s time we had someone here who says yes to Halton. I will say yes to Halton.

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Nik Spohr, Halton - NDP,

As MPP, I will take very seriously my role as a representative and advocate for my constituents. I am very proud to work for the Ontario NDP team that puts Ontario families first and works for their priorities.

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Ted Arnott

Ted Arnott, Wellington Halton Hills - Conservative  website (external link)

I agree that there should be more free votes in our Legislatures and Parliament, to allow elected representatives to be seen to be representing their constituents.

I support our Party's leader and his election platform. I believe our platform represents the best plan for Ontario for the coming years, and the best plan for Halton residents.

However, my constituents have always come first, and I will always fight for the vital interests of the people of Wellington-Halton Hills.

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Michael Carlucci, Wellington-Halton Hills

As MPP, I will take very seriously my role as a representative and advocate for my constituents. I am very proud to work for the Ontario NDP team that puts Ontario families first and works for their priorities.

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Dan Zister

Dave Rodgers, Wellington Halton Hills - Green,


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Dan Zister

Dan Zister, Wellington - Halton Hills - Liberal  website (external link)

I am clearly and truly able to say that my commitment remains first and foremost to our community. I am running as a candidate in order to be an effective voice for the residents of Wellington-Halton Hills. Unlike our current incumbent, I refuse to be a stalemate member of the legislature who does not fully represent the interests of our community and the Halton region effectively. With this in mind, I must also admit that I stand as a candidate for the Ontario Liberal Party because I believe that the Ontario Liberals are the best party to serve the interests of the Halton Region and if this were not true, I would not be running as their candidate.

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