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Larry Scott's Responses to 2014 Provincial Election Questionnaire

On June 12, 2014, Halton voters will cast their ballot for local provincial election candidates. On behalf of Halton residents, Regional Chair Gary Carr has sent a letter and questionnaire to local candidates asking how they would resolve critical issues facing Halton.

The following is Larry Scott's response to 2014 Provincial Election Questionnaire.

Larry Scott

Larry Scott
Oakville - Conservative

Thank you very much for providing me the opportunity to respond to the concerns of the leadership of Halton Region.

It is unfortunate that under the Liberal Government, life for all regions in Ontario has been more difficult.

I was reminded by your questions of the many issues from gridlock to environment that you as a leader of Halton Region face.

As Dwight Duncan, former Ontario Liberal Minister of Finance, described our economic situation: “the province’s finances are a ticking time bomb.”

Therefore, to answers all your questions: There is no significant amount of money available from the provincial government to try and buy solutions to our problems here in Halton. In spite of that, you have my personal commitment to work with you, to examine solutions that you may have or will come up with, to better serve all the people in Halton.

On another related issue, I hope I have your support to prevent the sale and paving of the Merton Lands. An example of how we can work together at no cost, and to save the people of Halton money and preserve the quality of green space in our community. Ontario does not need just a change in government, it needs more financially responsible government. I hope you and all the voters in Oakville appreciate my honest approach. I look forward to working with all levels of government to be your voice at Queen’s Park.