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Asthma – Programs in Schools

Did you know?

  • In Ontario, 1/5 children has asthma (a chronic inflammatory condition that occurs in the smaller airways of the lungs)
    • Asthma is the most common reason for children to be away from school and for emergency room visits.
  • It is important for children to have a plan to manage their asthma at school
  • Administrators and teachers play an important role in helping students with asthma manage their condition.
  • Schools within The Halton District School Board External Link and the The Halton Catholic District School Board External Link follow a joint asthma protocol to address asthma management in schools.

Benefits of Asthma Friendly Schools:

  • Reduces school absenteeism
  • Reduces disruptions in the classroom
  • Provides support in the event of worsening asthma or an asthma emergency
  • Improves communication between parents, students, and school staff

School Asthma Resources and Helpful websites

  • For step by step information and resources on how to create asthma friendly schools or other child focused settings visit
  • To order free asthma resources for your school visit Ophea or The Ontario Lung Association
  • Have a question? You can speak to a Certified Respiratory Educator at The Ontario Lung Association. Call 1-888-344-LUNG (5864)

Additional Asthma Resources