Inclusivity / Diversity

All student populations are diverse, and ensuring an equitable and inclusive environment is a fundamental component for a student’s academic success. When you think about what diversity really means, consider that it is essentially anything that makes us different from another individual such as:
  • Culture or country of origin
  • Faith
  • Gender
  • Mental/Physical ability
  • Literacy/educational level
  • Age
  • Sexual orientation
  • Economic circumstances
The following tools and resources are available to help school health professionals create inclusive school communities.

Halton Statistics


Tools for Educators

General Resources

Lesson Plans / Learning Modules

Policy Development

Guidelines for Policy Development and Implementation: Equity and Inclusive Education in Ontario Schools pdf external link 2.88MB 
Guide to help Ontario school boards develop, implement, monitor and review equity and inclusive education policies.


Police Ethnic and Cultural Education Youth Leadership Program (PEACE)
11 week program offered to Halton area high school students by the Halton Regional Police Service. Designed to promote understanding and cultural awareness.

Sexuality Resources

Special Needs


Settlement Resources

Information for Families