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Did You Know?

  • Between 2006-2010, there were 316 collisions in Halton Region caused by red light running, averaging out to more than one accident a week 

  • 40% of drivers in Halton Region surveyed* report seeing someone running a red light at least once a week, including those who say once a day (12%), several times a week (12%) or once a week (16%) 

  • 49% of Halton Region drivers* say they worry about getting into an accident when driving through an intersection 

  • 62% of Halton drivers* say they have witnessed a near-miss accident by someone running a red light 

  • Halton Region drivers communicated they are very concerned about drinking drivers (78%), followed closely by drivers running red lights (72%). Intense concern is far lower on the issue of speeding drivers (54%) 

  • 47% of Halton drivers* feel there is too little enforcement of red light running  

  • Throughout southern Ontario, red light cameras have reduced personal-injury type accidents, helping to improve the safety of intersections and enhancing quality of life 

  • Cameras take photos of red light runners 24 hours a day, seven days a week, but only operate when a vehicle enters the intersection after the light has turned red 

  • Fine for running a red light is $325  

  • The Red Light Camera Program is already underway in Toronto, Hamilton, Ottawa, Peel and Waterloo

* data from survey conducted by Environics Research Group in January 2012, among 600 Halton Region drivers, 18 years and older

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