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Minor Capital Child Care Transition Funding

Minor Capital Child Care Transition Funding has been provided by the Ministry of Education to minimize the impact of full-day early learning programs on the local child care community. This consists of a small amount of capital funding as well as some additional funding for child care fee subsidy. This funding is intended to help offset costs of minor renovations of existing child care centres to serve younger aged children as four and five year olds leave child care to enter full day kindergarten. Transition minor capital does not cover the cost of toys or equipment. 
In the first two years of implementation, three centres in Halton Region received stabilization funds for bathroom and playground renovations to reconfigure age groupings. Minor Capital Child Care Transition funding applications for year three of implementation are now available.

Staff from Program Support Services are available to discuss how your program can be changed to adapt to full-day learning, or to work through changes you are implementing. Program Advisors from the Ministry of Education, Child Care Quality Assurance and Licensing Branch, are also available for consultation regarding any changes to your program. 

Funding application package pdf 83KB

If you have any questions about this funding please contact the Supervisor of Quality and Community Development at 905 825 6000 ext. 2511