What We're Talking About

Active Transportation

What’s active transportation?

Active transportation is any form of human-powered transportation, including walking, cycling, roller-blading, skateboarding and moving with mobility devices.

What’s an active transportation network?

An active transportation network includes sidewalks, multi-use paths, crosswalks, on-road bike lanes and off-road trails.

Creating an Active Transportation Plan that is safe, affordable and sustainable.

Halton Region is preparing an Active Transportation Master Plan (ATMP) so we can make it easier for people to walk, bike and roll around Halton. This exciting new project will look at our existing infrastructure, identify how we can improve it, look at different opportunities and show what the optimum active transportation system in Halton will look like up to the year 2031.

Working together is critical, so we not only want to hear from you, but we’ll also be working with the Region’s Health Department and the Local Municipalities.