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What is Workplace Health?

The most effective workplace health program is comprehensive in approach. There are three elements that influence health in the workplace:

Occupational Health and Safety

A safe and healthy physical environment helps to prevent workplace injury, illness and disability.

Some things to consider are:

  • ergonomics
  • air quality control
  • first aid training
  • hazardous material training

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Individual Health Practices

Employers can help improve the health of their employees by encouraging and supporting healthy behaviours.

Some thing employers can do include:

  • making healthy food choices available
  • organizing physical activity programs during breaks and/or lunch hours
  • encouraging smoking cessation
  • offering stress management workshops

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Organizational Culture

Organizational culture is the key to a healthy work environment. Research has found that supportive management practices make good business sense for the organization and for employees.

Employers can:

  • introduce employee recognition programs
  • offer flex time
  • create employee training and development opportunities
  • involve staff in decision making

You can use The Steps to Creating a Healthier Organization Toolkit to help you reach the goal of creating a comprehensive workplace health program in your organization.

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