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The Employer's Role in Workplace Health

There are important things employers can do to make their organization healthier.

1. Provide Leadership

  • Demonstrate that employee health is a corporate value by providing resources and giving employee health priority

2. Create a Workplace Wellness Committee

  • Involve representatives from different areas of the organization
  • Have a senior manager on the committee
  • Provide resources and time for committee activities
  • Give the committee clearly articulated goals

3. Conduct a Needs Assessment

  • Survey employees to determine perceptions around organizational culture
  • Determine readiness for change
  • Identify barriers

4. Develop a Workplace Health Plan

The plan should:

  • balance employee and employer needs
  • outline short term and long term goals
  • Include an evaluation strategy

5. Incorporate Health Programs into the Workplace

  • Develop a promotion strategy for the workplace
  • Include activities that raise awareness and develop skills
  • Provide a supportive environment by changing workplace policy

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