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Hosting Healthy Meetings & Workshops

To help you get started, follow these simple tips to help meeting participants focus, feel energized and be more productive:

Pictures of a cheese tray and a jug of water.

Healthy Food Choices

Serve or ask your caterer to provide healthy food choices.

  • Offer healthy beverages such as water, milk (skim or 1%) and 100% fruit and vegetable juice, as alternatives to high caffeine beverages.
  • Provide healthier snack options, such as vegetables & dip, fresh fruit, yogurt, cheese & whole-grain crackers, lower-fat muffins, or whole grain bagels.
  • If a meal is provided, try some of the following:
    • lower- fat salad dressing or salad dressing on the side
    • meatless dishes, such as vegetarian lasagna, lentil soups
    • smaller portions of leaner meat, fish & poultry
    • broth-based soups or soups made with milk instead of cream
    • lower-fat desserts such as fresh fruit, fruit salad, baked fruit, frozen yogurt, sherbet or angel food cake
    • sandwiches made with little or no mayonnaise, butter or margarine

Active Living

Build in opportunities for physical activity to help keep participants alert.

  • Include stretch breaks or light physical activity breaks in the agenda.
  • Arrange for a walking meeting.
  • Replace a coffee break with a walking break.
  • Familiarize visitors or out of town participants with recreational facilities nearby.
  • Choose activities that are appropriate for all abilities.
  • Let participants know that the activities are voluntary.
  • Ensure safety is maintained during activities.
  • Encourage participants to break up long periods of sitting as often as possible.

Environmentally Friendly

Photo of a full blue box.An environmentally friendly meeting saves money and the environment.

  • Use regular dishes and utensils instead of disposable.
  • Serve beverages in pitchers rather than individual glass bottles or cartons.
  • Use nametags that can be returned and re-used.
  • Provide blue boxes for recycling.
  • Enquire in advance about participant allergies, sensitivities and special needs.

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