Creating a Healthy Nutrition Environment

Adults spend approximately 60% of their waking hours in the workplace, which is a significant amount of time for eating and snacking. Poor eating habits are directly related to many chronic diseases including type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and are strongly associated with obesity. Obesity has been found to result in significant increases in both absenteeism and medical expenditures among full-time employees. Employees who eat well are employees who feel better, have increased energy, and are more productive.

Multiple photos showing healthy food and workplace employees. Creating a healthier nutrition environment at your workplace:

  • Work with food service providers to develop a healthy cafeteria program.
  • Make refrigerators and microwaves accessible to encourage employees to bring their lunch and snacks from home.
  • Ensure your workplace stocks healthier vending items, that are lower in sodium and fat, and higher in fibre.
Follow the Healthy Food Guidelines for the Workplace.
  • Share this with your employees who organize meetings and order food.
  • Use it to help develop a healthy eating policy for your workplace.

Programs and Resources

Eat Smart logo Eat Smart! Workplace Program

  • The Eat Smart! Workplace program is an award program for workplaces that have cafeterias with healthy options along with exceptional food safety standards. There are currently 150 Eat Smart! workplaces in Ontario.

Registered Dietitian Consultation

  • A dietitian may help you plan different ways to support making healthy eating choices at work, such as:
    • healthy choices in cafeterias
    • vending machines
    • at meetings and events
    • as well as programs that assist employees in increasing their nutrition knowledge and skills or helping them to achieve and maintain a healthy weight.
  • Dietitians are also able to provide expertise in developing a healthy eating policy for your workplace that is easy to adopt and meets the needs of your employees.
  • Call the Halton Region Health Department and ask to speak with our Workplace Health Dietitian.

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