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Preventing Influenza (Flu) & Colds - Employers Workplace Health

Helping to protect your employees against the spread of influenza (flu) and colds makes good sense for your bottom line.

Keeping employees healthy during flu and cold season makes good business sense. It helps: 
  • Reduce short term absenteeism 
  • Reduce the need for temporary help 
  • Improve your company’s productivity

What Employers Can Do

  • Post hand washing posters in washrooms 
  • Place information on how to stop the spread of flu around the workplace 
  • Hold workplace flu clinics 
  • Support staff to stay home if they are sick or suspect they might be 
  • Use a comprehensive workplace wellness plan that encourages healthy eating, staying active and practicing work-life balance and helps to maintain a strong workforce 

A Few Words about the Flu

People of all ages can get sick with influenza. The best way to protect against getting and spreading the flu is to get the annual flu shot. The influenza virus is very contagious and spreads easily from person to person by coughing, sneezing, or by touching objects recently touched by someone with the illness and then touching your eyes or nose.

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