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By-law 48-12 Mapping Tool

By-law 48-12 defines new areas where Specific Urban Charges will apply – Built Boundary and Greenfield.

Halton Region has developed a web mapping tool called Halton GeoDC By-law Viewer to assist in determining area specific applicability of Development Charges under the Region's new By-law 48-12.

Rural areas will be subject to Specific Urban charges if, at the time a building permit is issued for the development, a connection of the building to water and/or wastewater services is proposed.

Open the Mapping Tool

Note: this tool may not contain the most updated information and is not to be used as the sole source for determine the applicability of the area specific charges.

Basics on how to use the Halton GeoDC By-law Viewer:

  • Searches can be based on General Location; Registered Plan; PIN; Intersection or Roll Number by selection the options from the top viewer menu and completing the required information
  • To identify the Urban Specific colour codes, the “Legend” button will show the menu
  • The colour codes for Greenfield (pale yellow) and Built Boundary (pale pink) can be removed for a clearer view by clicking the bottom left “Map Layers” button and deselecting the layer
  • Map Navigation will allow you to zoom in or out on the current view and move to an area adjacent to the current view (pan).

For more information or assistance, please contact:

  • Development Officer
    Financial Planning and Budgets Division
    905-825-6000, ext. 7290