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Setting Up a Wellness Program

Photo of 3 women sitting around a laptop.If you are interested in starting a wellness program in your workplace there are some important steps to follow.

1. Obtain Management Support

  • It’s important to involve management and key decision makers from the start. They will be able to provide the necessary support as planning proceeds
  • Consider creating a business case to present to management around the benefits of workplace health programs

2. Establish a Workplace Wellness Committee

  • Involve representatives from all areas of the organization
  • Define roles and responsibilities for members, chair person of committee, terms of reference
  • Promote employee participation and make sure interested parties have an opportunity to provide input
  • Participation should be voluntary

3. Conduct a Needs or Interest Assessment

  • Survey employees to determine the interests and needs of workers
  • Use questionnaires, informal discussion or focus groups to gather information
  • Ensure confidentiality of responses
  • Survey what is already being done
  • Identify barriers

4. Develop a Workplace Health Plan

The plan should:

  • Outline short term and long term goals
  • Include an evaluation strategy
  • Meet needs of all employees
  • Balance needs of management and staff

5. Put the Plan into Action

  • Start with activities that encourage participation
  • Give all interested employees a chance to get involved
  • Develop a communication strategy for the workplace
  • Include activities that raise awareness and develop skills

6. Evaluate the Program

  • Get ongoing feedback
  • Track the number of people taking part
  • Monitor absenteeism and disability claims
  • Revise the program if necessary

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